• Big News!

    Huge news at Paper Ghost!

    Hey folks! We’ve got some big changes happening at Paper Ghost and we are excited to finally be able to fill you in.

    First, the BIG news:  We have completely redesigned and recently relaunched our web site!  It was a HUGE update, and now the site is full of new artwork and info about Paper Ghost.  We’ve also added more to our Atlanta category, including a brand new Candler Park print by Sarah Neuburger.

    Speaking of Candler Park, our second bit of news is that we have decided to close our physical studio space in one of our favorite neighborhoods in Atlanta.  This does not affect Paper Ghost Press which is happily bigger than ever.

    The McLendon Avenue studio space was originally rented to act as a shared co-working space and over the past several years, it has morphed into a gallery and retail space that was only open to the public during event hours. Our lease is up at the end of November, and we will be moving our studio to another location, and we will be focusing on wholesale accounts, online sales and festivals, rather than studio events.

    We will be having a few incredible events in the space before it closes, and we are currently talking with other spaces about collaborating with them on future shows. All to say, Paper Ghost is alive and well.

    Thank you all so much for making the three years that we had that studio space absolutely amazing.  We had some great shows, weekly drawing nights, met some locals who have become best friends, and got to make art in a place that felt like home.  Again, thank you.  Keep an eye our for an EPIC Good-bye McLendon Party!!

    Come see us at one of our upcoming events!

    Paper Ghost

    Upcoming Events (come say hello!)

    September 30-31.  Paper Ghost will exhibiting at the Candler Park Fall Fest.
    October 19.  Mike Lowery will be live painting a mural at the new Monday Night Brewing facility.

    Also, Paper Ghost recently had the opportunity to bring the Paper Ghost Fortune Machine to some pretty awesome events, including the Museum of Design Atlanta’s (MoDA) opening of “Text Me”.  The Fortune Machine is a fun, portable live drawing interactive booth. Participants fill out a short questionnaire about themselves and are then given a magical token. Once the token is inserted into the machine, the curtains open and the all-seeing pen comes to life!  A real-life fortune teller is inside the booth who will draw a fortune that is unique and personal to each person.

    For more information about the Fortune Machine, including how to book it for you event, please visit:

  • Getting Paid to Draw: The Business of Illustration

    Getting Paid to Draw: Building A Portfolio / June 24, 2017 from 6pm to 8pm
    Tickets $50 each, Paper Ghost Studio
    Join us for the first talk in a new series on “The Business of Illustration” by Mike Lowery. This first talk is entitled, Building A Portfolio and included an illustrated discussion and portfolio review by Mike. Find ticket information and full details here.

  • Friends Forever

    Friends Forever / June 17, 2017 from 5pm to 9pm
    Paper Ghost Studio
    A one-night event with a collection of work by a few of our favorite Atlanta artists. Join us at Paper Ghost Studio in Candler Park for an evening of local talent and happy conversations with friends. Bring your own or meet someone new! LYLAS, xo
    Event details on Facebook.

  • Open Studio


    Come on in! The studio will be open on Saturday, May 27th from 5pm to 9pm for an Open Studio event. Come by and shop our work in person! Event details here.

  • 14677179_696056463904928_2322016305567236096_n

    Art Festivals Summer 2016

    Even though it is always hot we love the Atlanta summer festivals. This year we did quiet a few. Here is our Paper Ghost tent.

  • Frosty Treats 2 keeping cool in the south

    Our summer show to keep you cool in the citys heat.

  • Fathers Day 2016

    Happy Fathers Day from Paper Ghost Studio. We drew custom cards for all the awesome dads out there.

  • Paper Ghost Flea Fest June 2016

    Come see us at the studio for art prints, books, t-shirts and cards!

  • Cats vs Dogs May 2016

    CATS vs DOGS

    Are you a cat person? A real cat lady or a cat dude?
    Or do you prefer dogs?

    Paper Ghost Studio is hosting an art show perfect for the feline and the canine lover! There will be tons of art about cats including originals, prints and even hand made cat toys. You are allergic? Go hang out on the dog side of the studio and find yourself a print of man’s best friend or buy a treat for your four legged buddy.

    This is your big chance to get your paws on some awesome pet friendly work by:

    Mike Lowery, Sarah Watts, Sarah Neuburger, Katrin Wiehle, Caleb Morris, Erin McManness, Dan Murdoch, Barry Lee, Angela Adkins, Heather Lund, Maddy Barreto, Little Lux, Dan Rodda, Leighanne Schneider, Melanie Ponchot, Josh Thompson, Thomas Burns, Jade Nellans, Taj Ma-Hound and more….

    Come and see us at the opening to secure your favorite piece and meet our artists.

  • Mothers Day 2016

    Happy Mothers Day to all the moms from Paper Ghost Studio.