Cats vs Dogs May 2016


Are you a cat person? A real cat lady or a cat dude?
Or do you prefer dogs?

Paper Ghost Studio is hosting an art show perfect for the feline and the canine lover! There will be tons of art about cats including originals, prints and even hand made cat toys. You are allergic? Go hang out on the dog side of the studio and find yourself a print of man’s best friend or buy a treat for your four legged buddy.

This is your big chance to get your paws on some awesome pet friendly work by:

Mike Lowery, Sarah Watts, Sarah Neuburger, Katrin Wiehle, Caleb Morris, Erin McManness, Dan Murdoch, Barry Lee, Angela Adkins, Heather Lund, Maddy Barreto, Little Lux, Dan Rodda, Leighanne Schneider, Melanie Ponchot, Josh Thompson, Thomas Burns, Jade Nellans, Taj Ma-Hound and more….

Come and see us at the opening to secure your favorite piece and meet our artists.